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fire pronunciación
1 flames coming from something that is burning.
2 an occurrence of destructive burning of something a warehouse fire a forest fire .
3 mainly in homes: a mass of burning wood, coal or other fuel, usually in a grate, etc, used for warmth or cooking log fire peat fire . Also called open fire.
4 a gas or electric room-heater gas fire electric fire .
5 the discharge of firearms.
6 the launching of a missile.
7 heat and light produced by something burning or some other source.
8 enthusiasm; passion; ardour.
9 fever; a burning sensation from inflammation, etc.
10 sparkle; brilliance (eg of a gem).
verb (fired , firing )
1 tr & intr to discharge (a gun); to send off (a bullet or other missile) from a gun, catapult, bow, etc fired the pistol The enemy fired on us .
2 to launch (a rocket, missile, etc).
3 to detonate (an explosive).
4 said of a gun, missile, etc: to be discharged, launched, etc The cannon failed to fire .
5 to direct (eg questions) in quick succession at someone.
6 colloq to dismiss someone from employment You're fired!
7 intr said of a vehicle engine, boiler, etc: to start working when a spark causes the fuel to burn The motor fired .
8 to put fuel into (a furnace, etc).
9 (also fire someone up) to inspire or stimulate them.
10 pottery to bake (pottery, bricks, etc) in a kiln, usually at a very high temperature.
1 a cry, warning others of a fire.
2 the order to start firing weapons, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon fyr ]
fireless adjective .
between two fires under attack from two sides.
draw someone's fire to deliberately divert their gunfire, criticism, etc towards oneself.
fire away colloq an expression inviting someone to start saying what they have to say, especially to begin asking questions.
go through fire and water for someone or something to suffer or undergo danger for their sake.
hold one's fire to stop shooting.
in the line of fire
1 between the guns and the target, and therefore in danger of being hit.
2 exposed to questioning or verbal attack from an opponent.
on fire
1 burning.
2 filled with enthusiasm, love, etc.
open fire (on someone or something) to begin shooting (at them or it).
play with fire colloq to take risks; to act recklessly.
pull something out of the fire to rescue the situation at the last minute.
return someone's fire to shoot back at them.
set fire to something or set something on fire to make it burn; to set light to it.
set someone on fire to fill them with enthusiasm, love, etc.
under fire
1 being shot at.
2 being criticized or blamed. See also catch fire under catch, ceasefire.

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