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finish pronunciación
verb (finishes , finished , finishing ) (often finish off or up)
1 tr & intr to bring something to an end, or come to an end; to reach a natural conclusion.
2 to complete or perfect something.
3 to use, eat, drink, etc the last of something I've finished the coffee .
4 intr to reach or end up in a certain position or situation.
5 intr (often finish with someone) to end a relationship with them.
6 intr (finish with someone or something) to stop dealing with or needing them or it.
7 to give a particular treatment to the surface of (cloth, wood, etc).
noun (finishes )
1 the last stage; the end.
2 the last part of a race, etc.
3 perfecting touches put to a product.
4 the surface texture given to cloth, wood, etc.
[14c in the form fenys : from Latin finire to end]
finisher noun .
fight to the finish see under fight.
finish someone or something off to complete their defeat or killing The lion finished the buffalo off .

finished pronunciación
1 colloq no longer useful, productive, creative, wanted or popular.
2 said of a performer: accomplished.

finishing post
noun the post marking the end of a race, especially for horses.

finishing touches
plural noun the last minor improvements needed to achieve perfection.

noun a private school where girls are taught social skills and graces.
[Early 19c]

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