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finger pronunciación
a one of the five jointed extremities of the hand;
b any of the four of these other than the thumb;
c in compounds fingerprint .
2 the part of a glove that fits over a finger.
3 anything resembling or similar to a finger in shape.
4 a quantity of alcoholic spirits in a glass, roughly as deep as the width of a finger.
adjective relating to or suitable for fingers finger buffet .
verb (fingered , fingering )
1 to touch or feel something with the fingers, often affectionately or lovingly; to caress He fingered the velvet .
2 music to indicate (on a part or composition) the choice and configuration of fingers to be used for a piece of music.
3 slang to identify (a criminal) to the police, etc.
4 colloq to obtain information about (another computer user who is also on the Internet or sharing a network).
fingerless adjective .
be all fingers and thumbs colloq to be clumsy in handling or holding things.
get one's fingers burnt colloq to suffer for one's overboldness or mistakes.
give someone the finger colloq to make an obscene gesture of contempt, defiance, etc at them by showing a closed fist, palm turned inwards, with only the middle finger extended.
have a finger in every pie colloq, often derog to have an interest, or be involved, in many different things.
lift a finger or hand see under lift.
not lay a finger on someone not to touch or harm them.
point the finger at someone colloq to blame or accuse them.
pull or get one's finger out slang to make an effort to start working more efficiently.
put the finger on someone slang to inform on (a criminal, etc).
slip through someone's fingers to elude them.
wrap or twist someone round one's little finger colloq to be able to get whatever one wants from them.

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