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fine pronunciación 1
1 of high quality; excellent; splendid.
2 beautiful; handsome.
3 facetious grand; superior her fine relations .
4 said of weather: bright; not rainy.
5 well; healthy.
6 quite satisfactory That's fine by me .
7 pure; refined.
8 thin; delicate.
9 close-set in texture or arrangement.
10 consisting of tiny particles.
11 intricately detailed fine embroidery .
12 slight; subtle making fine adjustments .
1 colloq satisfactorily.
2 finely; into fine pieces.
[13c: from French fin end, in the sense of -boundary or limit-]
finely adverb .
fineness noun .
cut or run it fine colloq to leave barely enough time for something.
fine and dandy good; excellent; satisfactory.
not to put too fine a point on it used as an introductory expression before speaking honestly or bluntly.

fine pronunciación 2
noun an amount of money to be paid as a penalty, constituting a punishment for breaking a regulation or law.
verb (fined , fining ) to impose a fine on someone.
[12c: from French fin end, settlement or ending a dispute]
in fine in total; to sum up.

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