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file pronunciación 1
1 a folder or box in which to keep loose papers.
2 a collection of papers so kept, especially dealing with a particular subject.
3 comput an organized collection of data that is stored in the memory of a computer as a single named unit.
4 a line of people or things, especially soldiers, positioned or moving one behind the other single file .
5 chess any of the eight lines of squares extending across the chessboard from player to player. Compare rank1.
verb (filed , filing )
1 (often file something away) to put (papers, etc) into a file.
2 (often file for something) to make a formal application to a law court on (a specified matter) file a complaint file for divorce .
3 to place (a document) on official or public record.
4 intr to march or move along one behind the other The soldiers filed onto the square .
5 said of a reporter: to submit (a story) to a newspaper.
[16c: from Latin filum a thread, originally referring to a string or wire on which papers were hung]
filed adjective .
filer noun .
on file retained in a file ( noun 1 or 3 above) for reference; on record.

file pronunciación 2
1 a steel hand tool with a rough surface consisting of fine parallel grooves with sharp cutting edges, used to smooth or rub away wood, metal, etc.
2 a small object of metal or emery board used for smoothing or shaping fingernails or toenails. Also called a nailfile.
verb (filed , filing ) to smooth or shape (a surface) using a file.
[Anglo-Saxon fyl ]
filed adjective .
filer noun .

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