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abbreviation : Fédération internationale de football association (French), International Federation of Association Football, the world governing body of Association Football.

fife pronunciación
noun a small type of flute played in military bands.
verb (fifed , fifing ) intr to play on the fife.
[15c: from German Pfifa pipe or French fifre fifer, both from Latin pipare to cheep]
fifer noun a fife player.

abbreviation first in, first out, a method of pricing goods, controlling stock or storing data in a computer. Compare LIFO.

fifteen pronunciación
a the cardinal number 15;
b the quantity that this represents, being one more than fourteen or the product of three and five.
2 any symbol for this, eg 15 or XV.
3 the age of fifteen.
4 something, especially a garment, or a person, whose size is denoted by the number 15.
5 a a set or group of fifteen people or things;
b rugby union a team of players.
6 a score of fifteen points.
7 (15) Brit a film classified as suitable for people aged 15 and over.
8 (the Fifteen) the Jacobite rebellion of 1715.
1 totalling fifteen.
2 aged fifteen.
[Anglo-Saxon fiftene ; see five and -teen]

fifteenth pronunciación (often written 15th)
1 in counting:
a next after fourteenth;
b last of fifteen;
c in fifteenth position.
2 being one of fifteen equal parts a fifteenth share .
1 one of fifteen equal parts.
2 a fraction equal to one divided by fifteen (usually written 1/15).
3 the position in a series corresponding to fifteen in a sequence of numbers.
4 (the fifteenth)
a the fifteenth day of the month;
b golf the fifteenth hole.
5 music a double octave.
6 an organ stop sounding two octaves above the basic pitch.

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