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field pronunciación
1 a piece of land enclosed for crop-growing or pasturing animals.
2 a piece of open grassland.
3 an area marked off as a ground for a sport, etc.
4 in compounds an area rich in a specified mineral, etc coalfield oilfield .
5 in compounds an expanse of something specified, usually from the natural world snowfields poppy fields .
6 an area of knowledge, interest or study; speciality.
7 physics a region of space in which one object exerts force on another magnetic field .
8 the area included in something; the range over which a force, etc extends; the area visible to an observer at any one time field of vision .
9 a the contestants in a race, competition, etc;
b all contestants except for the favourite; the rivals of a particular contestant.
10 a a battlefield fell on the field ;
b the battle itself.
11 sport , esp cricket the fielders collectively.
12 any place away from the classroom, office, etc, eg a field centre, where practical experience is gained. See also fieldwork.
13 the background to the design on a flag, coin, heraldic shield, etc.
14 (the field) the people taking part in a hunt.
15 maths a system or collection of elements upon which binary operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be performed excluding division by 0.
16 comput a set of characters comprising a unit of information.
verb (fielded , fielding )
1 tr & intr , sport , esp cricket
a said of a team: to be the team whose turn it is to retrieve balls hit by the batting team;
b tr & intr said of a player: to retrieve (the ball) from the field;
c intr said of a player: to play in the field.
2 to put forward as (a team or player) for a match.
3 to enter someone in a competition Each group fielded a candidate .
4 to deal with a succession of (inquiries, etc) to field questions .
1 taking place away from the classroom, office, etc; yielding practical experience field trip .
2 living or growing in open country fieldmouse .
3 happening or used on the battlefield or campaign field artillery .
[Anglo-Saxon feld ]
hold the field to remain supreme.
lead the field to be in the foremost or winning position.
play the field colloq
1 to try out the range of possibilities before making a choice.
2 to engage in numerous sexual relationships rather than commit oneself to one lover.
take the field
1 said of a team: to go onto the pitch ready for a match.
2 to go into battle; to begin a campaign.

field ambulance
noun a medical unit on the battlefield.

field artillery
noun mobile military equipment for active operations in the battlefield.

field book
noun the notebook used by a surveyor or fieldworker.

field colours
plural noun , mil small flags used for marking the position for companies and regiments in the battlefield; hence, any regimental headquarters' flags.

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