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few (fewer , fewest )
adjective not many; a small number; hardly any She had few books on the shelf .
pronoun (used as a plural) hardly any things, people, etc There were few today, but many yesterday .
[Anglo-Saxon feawe ]
a few a small number; some He took a few into the garden only a few minutes to go .
a good few or quite a few colloq a fairly large number; several.
as few as no more than (a stated number).
every few (hours, days, etc ) at intervals of a few hours, days, etc.
few and far between colloq rare; scarce.
have had a few colloq to have drunk sufficient alcohol to affect one's behaviour.
no fewer than as many as (a stated number).
precious few colloq hardly any at all.
the few the minority of discerning people, as distinct from the many .

fewer See Usage Note at less.

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