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fence pronunciación
1 a barrier eg of wood or wire, for enclosing or protecting land.
2 a barrier of various designs for a horse to jump.
3 slang someone who receives and disposes of stolen goods.
4 a guard to limit motion in a piece of machinery.
5 a guiding device on a circular saw or plane.
verb (fenced , fencing )
1 (also fence something in or off) to enclose or separate it with a fence, or as if with a fence.
2 intr to practise the art or sport of fencing.
3 intr to build fences.
4 (usu fence with words) intr to avoid answering directly.
5 intr , slang to be a receiver or purchaser of stolen goods.
[14c: in the form fens , shortened from defence]
fenceless adjective .
mend one's fences to improve or restore one's relations, reputation or popularity, especially in politics.
sit on the fence to be unable or unwilling to support either side in a dispute, etc.

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