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feed pronunciación 1
verb (fed , feeding )
1 to give or supply food to (animals, etc) The farmer fed the cattle on hay .
2 to give something as food (to animals, etc) fed biscuits to his dog .
3 to administer food to (an infant, young animal).
4 in compounds to administer food to someone in a specified way breast-feed bottle-feed force-feed .
5 intr said of animals: to eat food The cattle fed on hay .
6 (usu feed on something) said of an emotion, etc: to be fuelled by it; to be strengthened or encouraged by it.
7 to supply (a machine, etc) with fuel or other material required for continued operation or processing.
8 theat to provide (an actor, especially a comedian) with material or a cue to achieve an effect, often a comic effect.
9 to pass (rope, wire, etc) progressively through an aperture, the hands, etc.
10 sport to pass the ball to (a team-mate).
1 an act or session of feeding.
2 an allowance of food for animals, eg cattle or babies.
3 food for livestock, etc.
4 colloq a meal, especially a hearty one a good feed .
5 the channel or mechanism by which a machine is supplied with fuel, etc.
6 the material supplied progressively for any operation.
7 the rate of supply of material to a machine; the rate of progress of a tool.
8 theat an actor who feeds or cues another one; a stooge.
[Anglo-Saxon fedan ]
feedable adjective .
feed someone up to fatten them up with nourishing food.

feed pronunciación 2 past tense , past participle of fee

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