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feather pronunciación
1 any of the light growths that form the soft covering of a bird.
2 anything resembling this.
3 plumage.
4 condition; spirits in fine feather .
5 something of little importance She didn't care a feather what they thought .
6 the feathered end of an arrow.
7 rowing the action of feathering an oar.
verb (feathered , feathering )
1 to provide, cover or line with feathers.
2 to turn (one's oar) parallel to the water to lessen air resistance.
3 to make (a propeller blade, etc) rotate in such a way as to lessen air resistance.
4 to cut and shape (hair) to give a feathery appearance.
featheriness noun .
feathering noun .
feathery adjective .
a feather in one's cap something one can be proud of.
birds of a feather see under bird.
feather one's own nest to accumulate money for oneself, especially dishonestly.
in full or high feather greatly elated or in high spirits.
ruffle someone's feathers to upset or offend someone.
you could have knocked me down with a feather I was astonished.

feather bed
noun a mattress stuffed with feathers.
verb (featherbed)
1 to spoil or pamper someone.
2 to protect (an industry, workers, etc) by practices such as overmanning in order to save or create jobs.

feather duster
noun a stick with a head made of feathers, used for dusting.

feather star see under crinoid

feather stitch
noun , needlework a zigzag stitch in embroidery.

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