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favour pronunciación or (N Am) favor
1 a kind or helpful action performed out of goodwill.
2 the liking, approval or goodwill of someone.
3 unfair preference.
4 a knot of ribbons worn as a badge of support for a particular team, political party, etc.
5 hist something given or worn as a token of affection.
6 (favours) euphem old use a woman's consent to lovemaking or sexual liberties.
verb (favoured , favouring )
1 to regard someone or something with goodwill.
2 to treat someone or something with preference, or overindulgently.
3 to prefer; to support.
4 said of circumstances: to give an advantage to someone or something.
5 old use to look like (eg one's mother or father).
6 affected to be wearing (a colour, etc).
[14c: from Latin favor , from favere to favour]
favourer noun .
in favour of something or someone
1 having a preference for it or them.
2 to their benefit.
3 in support or approval of them.
in or out of favour with someone having gained, or lost, their approval.

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