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fault pronunciación
1 a weakness or failing in character.
2 a flaw or defect in an object or structure.
3 a misdeed or slight offence.
4 culpability for something wrong all my fault .
5 geol a break or crack in the Earth's crust, resulting in the slippage of a rock mass.
6 tennis , etc an incorrectly placed or delivered serve.
7 showjumping a penalty for refusing or failing to clear a fence.
verb (faulted , faulting )
1 intr to commit a fault.
2 to blame someone.
[14c as noun 2: from French faute ]
at fault
1 culpable; to blame.
2 said of dogs: unable to find the scent.
find fault with something or someone to criticize it or them, especially excessively or unfairly.
to a fault to too great an extent.

fault plane
noun , geol the surface along which two rock masses on either side of a fault rub against each other.

1 criticism; captiousness.
2 detection and investigation of faults and malfunctions in electronic equipment.
adjective tending to find fault.
fault-finder noun .

adjective perfect; without fault or defect.
faultlessly adverb .
faultlessness noun .

1 geol a surface along which faults have occurred, or are likely to occur.
2 colloq an issue or arrangement which is likely to cause disagreements or differences within a group or organization.

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