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fat pronunciación
1 any of a group of organic compounds that occur naturally in animals and plants, are solid at room temperature, and are insoluble in water.
2 a in mammals: a layer of white or yellowish tissue that lies beneath the skin and between various organs, and which serves both as a thermal insulator and as a means of storing energy;
b an excess of this.
3 chem any member of a group of naturally occurring substances consisting of the glycerides of higher fatty acids, eg palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid.
adjective (fatter , fattest )
1 having too much fat on the body; plump; overweight.
2 containing a lot of fat.
3 thick or wide.
4 colloq said of a fee, profit, etc: large.
5 fertile; profitable a fat land .
6 facetious, slang none at all a fat lot of good a fat chance .
verb (fatted , fatting ) old use to fatten something.
[Anglo-Saxon fætt fatted]
fatless adjective .
fatly adverb .
fatness noun .
fattish adjective .
grow fat on something to grow wealthy from the profits of something.
kill the fatted calf to prepare a feast for someone's homecoming after a long absence.
live off the fat of the land to live in luxury.
the fat's in the fire disastrous consequences will result from something just said or done; now there'll be trouble.

fat cat
noun , slang a rich, prosperous person.

adjective said of food, especially dairy products: having virtually all the fat removed.

1 causing death; deadly a fatal injury .
2 bringing ruin; disastrous.
3 decisive; critical.
4 destined; unavoidable.
[14c in the sense -allotted or decreed by fate-: from Latin fatalis , from fatum fate]
fatally adverb .

fatalism pronunciación
1 the philosophical doctrine that all events are controlled by fate, not human action, and happen by unavoidable necessity.
2 the acceptance of or surrender to this doctrine.
3 lack of effort in the face of threatened difficulty or disaster.
[17c: fatal + -ism]
fatalist noun .
fatalistic adjective .
fatalistically adverb .

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