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fashion pronunciación
1 style, especially the latest style, in clothes, music, lifestyle, etc.
2 a currently popular style or practice; a trend.
3 a manner of doing something in a dramatic fashion .
4 the way something is made or constructed.
5 sort, type or kind.
6 dated high society.
as adjective a fashion house .
verb (fashioned , fashioning )
1 to form or make something into a particular shape, especially with the hands.
2 to mould or influence something.
[14c: from French fachon , from Latin factio , from facere to make]
fashioner noun .
after a fashion to an extent, but not particularly well.
as if it were going out of fashion colloq with great vigour and enthusiasm, as though for the last time.
in fashion currently fashionable.
out of fashion no longer fashionable; passé.

fashion house
noun an establishment in which fashionable clothes are designed, made and sold.

fashion plate
1 an illustration showing the latest style in dress.
2 a well-groomed, fashionably dressed person.

fashion victim
noun , colloq a person who slavishly follows the latest fashions.

1 said of clothes, people, etc: following the latest fashion.
2 used by or popular with fashionable people.
3 dated moving in high society.
fashionableness noun .
fashionably adverb .

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