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fair pronunciación 1
adjective (fairer , fairest )
1 just; not using dishonest methods or discrimination.
2 in accordance with the rules.
3 a said of hair and skin: light-coloured;
b said of a person: having light-coloured hair and skin.
4 old use beautiful.
5 quite good; reasonable.
6 sizeable; considerable.
7 said of weather: fine.
8 said of the wind: favourable.
9 said of words: insincerely encouraging.
1 in a fair way.
2 dialect completely.
[Anglo-Saxon fæger beautiful]
fairly see separate entry.
fairness noun .
be fair game to deserve to be attacked or criticized.
by fair means or foul using any possible means, even if dishonest.
fair and square
1 absolutely; exactly.
2 honest and open.
fair enough all right.
in all fairness or to be fair if one is fair; being scrupulously fair.
stand fair with someone to be in favour with them.

fair pronunciación 2 or (nostalgic) fayre
1 a collection of sideshows and amusements, often travelling from place to place.
2 hist a market for the sale of produce, livestock, etc, with or without sideshows.
3 (only fair) an indoor exhibition of goods from different countries, firms, etc, held to promote trade.
4 a sale of goods to raise money for charity, etc.
[14c: from French feire , from Latin feria holiday]

fair copy
noun a neat finished copy of a piece of writing, after corrections have been made.

fair dinkum
adjective , adverb , Aust honest or honestly.

fair dos or fair do's
plural noun , colloq an expression appealing for, or agreeing to, equal treatment for everyone, strict honesty, etc.

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