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fail pronunciación
verb (failed , failing )
1 tr & intr (often fail in something) not to succeed; to be unsuccessful in (an undertaking).
2 to judge (a candidate) not good enough to pass a test, etc.
3 intr said of machinery, a bodily organ, etc: to stop working or functioning.
4 intr not to manage (to do something) failed to pay the bill in time .
5 not to bother (doing something).
6 to let (someone) down; to disappoint.
7 said of courage, strength, etc: to desert (one) at the time of need.
8 intr to become gradually weaker.
9 intr said of a business, etc: to collapse; to become insolvent or bankrupt.
noun a failure, especially in an exam.
[13c: from Latin fallere to deceive or disappoint]
fail to see to be unable to understand.
without fail for certain; with complete regularity and reliability.

1 said of a mechanism: ensuring a return to a safe condition when something goes wrong.
2 said of a machine or system: returning to a safe condition when something goes wrong.

noun a fault; a weakness .
preposition in default of; in the absence of Failing an agreement today, the issue will be referred for arbitration .

failure pronunciación
1 the act of failing; lack of success.
2 someone or something that is unsuccessful.
3 a stoppage in functioning, eg of a computer, machine, system, etc.
4 a poor result.
5 the omission of an action failure to turn up .

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