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face pronunciación
1 the front part of the head, from forehead to chin.
2 the features or facial expression.
3 a surface or side, eg of a mountain, gem, geometrical figure, etc.
4 the important or working side, eg of a golf-club head.
5 a in a mine or quarry: the exposed surface from which coal, etc is mined;
b on a cliff: the exposed surface, usually vertical;
c in compounds coalface cliff-face .
6 the dial of a clock, watch, etc.
7 the side of a playing-card that is marked with numbers, symbols, etc.
8 general look or appearance The face of the landscape remains the same .
9 an aspect.
10 impudence; cheek.
11 literary someone's presence stand before his face .
12 printing a typeface.
verb (faced , facing )
1 tr & intr to be opposite to something or someone; to turn to look at or look in some direction.
2 to have something unpleasant before one face ruin .
3 to confront, brave or cope with (problems, difficulties, etc).
4 to accept (the unpleasant truth, etc).
5 to present itself to someone the scene that faced us .
6 to cover with a surface bricks faced with plaster .
[13c: from Latin facies face]
face the music colloq to accept the unpleasant consequences at their worst; to brave a trying situation, hostile reception, etc.
face to face
1 in the presence of each other met face to face for the first time .
2 facing or confronting each other .
face up to something or someone to recognize the facts and prepare to endure the consequences, or to act bravely.
get in or out of someone's face colloq to begin, or stop, harassing or obstructing someone.
in the face of something in spite of a known circumstance, etc.
in your face
1 right in front of someone.
2 direct and often aggressive or provocative .
look someone in the face to look directly at them without shame or embarrassment.
lose face see under lose.
make or pull a face to grimace, scowl, frown, etc.
on the face of it superficially; at first glance.
put a good or brave face on something to try to hide disappointment, fear, etc concerning it.
put one's face on colloq to apply make-up to one's face.
save (one's) face to preserve one's reputation, etc while avoiding humiliation or the appearance of giving in or climbing down.
set one's face against something to oppose an idea, course of action, etc, firmly.
show one's face often with negatives to make an appearance didn't dare show his face .
to someone's face directly; openly, in someone's presence. See also facial.
face someone down to confront them boldly until they give way.
face up to something or someone to accept an unpleasant fact, etc; to deal with it or them bravely.

También tienes: faze
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