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extreme pronunciación
adjective (extremer , extremest )
1 very high, or highest, in degree or intensity.
2 very far, or furthest, in any direction, especially out from the centre.
3 very violent or strong.
4 not moderate; severe extreme measures .
1 either of two people or things as far, or as different, as possible from each other.
2 the highest limit; the greatest degree of any state or condition.
[15c: from Latin extremus , from exterus on the outside]
extremely adverb to an extreme degree.
go to extremes to take action beyond what is thought to be reasonable.
in the extreme to the highest degree.

extreme programming or Extreme Programming
noun , comput (abbreviation XP) a method of software development which encourages customer input and emphasizes, among other things, continual testing and revision of a simple code which is written by pairs of programmers.

extreme sport
noun an unconventional sport that exposes the participants to personal danger, eg bungee jumping.

extreme unction
noun , RC Church the former name for the sacrament of the sick.

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