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extra pronunciación
1 additional; more than is usual, necessary or expected.
2 for which an additional charge is made.
noun (extras )
1 an additional or unexpected thing.
2 a an extra charge;
b an item for which this is made.
3 an actor employed temporarily in a small, usually non-speaking, part in a film.
4 a special edition of a newspaper containing later news.
5 cricket a run scored other than by hitting the ball with the bat.
adverb unusually or exceptionally.
[17c: probably a shortening of extraordinary]

extra cover
noun , cricket a fielding position between cover point and mid-off (see under mid-on).

extra time
noun , football , etc additional time allowed at the end of a match because of time lost through injury, or in order to achieve a decisive result.

extra virgin
adjective said of olive oil: of the best quality; obtained from the first cold pressing of the olives.

prefix , signifying outside or beyond extra-curricular .
[From Latin extra outside]

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