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exterior pronunciación
1 on, from, or for use on the outside.
2 foreign, or dealing with foreign nations.
3 cinematog outdoor.
1 an outside part or surface.
2 an outward appearance, especially when intended to conceal or deceive.
3 an outdoor scene in a film, etc.
[16c: Latin, from exterus on the outside]

exterior angle
noun , maths the angle between any extended side and the adjacent side of a polygon.

exteriorize or exteriorise
verb (exteriorized , exteriorizing )
1 to externalize.
2 surgery to bring an internal organ or part of one outside the body temporarily.
exteriorization noun .

exterminate pronunciación
verb (exterminated , exterminating ) to get rid of or completely destroy (something living).
[16c meaning -to banish-: from Latin exterminare to drive away, from ex out + terminus boundary]
extermination noun the total destruction of something living.
exterminator noun a person or thing that destroys something living.

external pronunciación
1 belonging to, for, from or on the outside.
2 being of the world, as opposed to the mind external realities .
3 foreign; involving foreign nations external affairs .
4 said of a medicine: to be applied on the outside of the body, not swallowed, etc.
5 taking place, or coming from, outside one's school or university, etc an external examination .
1 (often externals) an outward appearance or feature, especially when superficial or insignificant.
2 colloq an external examination or examiner.
[15c: from Latin externus , from exterus on the outside]
externally adverb .

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