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Lengua inglesa
every pronunciación
1 each one of a number or collection, omitting none.
2 the greatest or best possible making every effort .
adverb at, in, or at the end of, each stated period of time or distance, etc every fourth week every six inches .
[Anglo-Saxon æfre ælc ever each]
every bit or whit the whole; all of it; quite or entirely.
every last (used for emphasis) every.
every man Jack or every mother's son everyone without exception.
every now and then or every now and again or every so often occasionally; from time to time.
every other?or every second?one out of every two (things) repeatedly (the first, third, fifth, etc or second, fourth, sixth, etc) comes every other day .
every which way US
1 in every direction.
2 by every method.
3 in disorder.

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