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even pronunciación 1
1 smooth and flat.
2 constant or regular travelling at an even 50mph .
3 said of a number: divisible by 2, with nothing left over.
4 designated or marked by an even number the even houses in the street .
5 (usu even with something) level, on the same plane or at the same height as it.
6 (often even with someone) having no advantage over or owing no debt to them.
7 said of temper or character, etc: calm.
8 equal an even chance .
1 used with a comparative to emphasize a comparison with something else He's good, but she's even better .
2 used with an expression stronger than a previous one He looked sad, even depressed .
3 used to introduce a surprising piece of information Even John was there!
4 used to indicate a lower extreme in an implied comparison Even a child would have known that!
verb (evened , evening ) (often even something up) to make it equal.
1 (usu evens) an even number, or something designated by one.
2 (evens) same as even money.
[Anglo-Saxon efen ]
evenly adverb
1 in an even way; uniformly.
2 in equal parts or shares evenly divided .
evenness noun .
even as at the very moment when something specified happened or happens Even as we speak the result is announced .
even if, even so or even though used to emphasize that whether or not something is or might be true, the following or preceding statement is or would remain true He'd be unhappy even if he did get the job He got the job but, even so, he's still unhappy .
even now still; after all that has happened.
even then after all that had happened, will have happened, or would have happened.
get even with someone to be revenged on them.
on an even keel
1 balanced; not tilting to either side.
2 said eg of business affairs: well organized; running smoothly.
3 said of a person: not in an unstable state of mind.
even out to become level or regular.
even something out or up to make it smooth or level.

even pronunciación 2
noun , old use or poetic evening.
[Anglo-Saxon æfen ]

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