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establish pronunciación
verb (establishes , established , establishing )
1 to settle someone firmly in a position, place or job, etc.
2 to set up (eg a university or a business).
3 to find, show or prove something.
4 to cause people to accept (eg a custom or a claim).
[14c: from French establir ]
established adjective
1 settled or accepted.
2 said of a Church: recognized as the official Church of a country.
establishment noun
1 the act of establishing.
2 a business, its premises or its staff.
3 a public or government institution a nuclear research establishment .
4 (the Establishment) the group of people in a country, society or community who hold power and exercise authority, and are regarded as being opposed to change.

estate pronunciación
1 a large piece of land owned by a person or group of people.
2 an area of land on which development of a particular kind has taken place, eg a housing estate or an industrial estate.
3 law a person's total possessions (property or money, etc), especially at death.
4 an estate car.
5 hist any of various groups or classes within the social structure of society, eg the first estate or Lords Spiritual (ie bishops and archbishops), the second estate or Lords Temporal (ie the nobility) and the third estate (the common people).
6 formal or old use a condition or state the holy estate of matrimony .
7 a plantation.
[13c: from French estat ]

estate agent
1 a person whose job is the buying, selling, leasing and valuation of houses and other property.
2 the manager of a private estate.

estate car
noun a car with a large area behind the rear seats for luggage, etc, and a rear door. Often shortened to estate.

estate duty
noun death duty.

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