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end pronunciación
1 the point or part farthest from the beginning, or either of the points or parts farthest from the middle, where something stops.
2 a finish or conclusion.
3 (the end) colloq the last straw; the limit.
4 a piece left over a cigarette end .
5 death or destruction meet one's end .
6 an object or purpose The end justifies the means .
7 sport one of the two halves of a pitch or court defended by a team or player, etc.
8 the part of a project, etc for which one is responsible had a few problems at their end .
verb (ended , ending ) tr & intr
1 to finish or cause something to finish.
2 intr to reach a conclusion or cease to exist.
[Anglo-Saxon ende ]
ended adjective
1 brought to an end.
2 in compounds having ends of a specified kind.
at a loose end with nothing to do.
at an end terminated, discontinued or exhausted.
at the end of one's tether exasperated; at the limit of one's endurance.
be the end of someone colloq to bring about their death.
end it all colloq to kill oneself.
end of story colloq that's all; there is no more to be said.
end on
1 (also end to end) with ends touching.
2 with the end pointing towards one.
get or have one's end away slang to have sexual intercourse.
in the end finally; after much discussion or work, etc.
keep or hold one's end up colloq to fulfil one's promises or obligations in spite of difficulties.
make ends meet to live within one's income and avoid debts.
no end colloq very much His visit pleased her no end .
no end of people or things very many; a lot.
on end
1 vertical; standing straight up.
2 continuously; without a pause.
put an end to something to make it stop, usually completely and permanently.
the end of the road the point beyond which one cannot continue or survive.
end up colloq
1 to arrive or find oneself eventually or finally We ended up in Manchester .
2 to finish.

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