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edge pronunciación
1 the part farthest from the middle of something; a border or boundary; the rim.
2 the area beside a cliff or steep drop.
3 the cutting side of something sharp such as a knife.
4 geom the meeting point of two surfaces.
5 sharpness or severity chewing bread to take the edge off his hunger .
6 bitterness There was an edge to his criticism .
verb (edged , edging )
1 to form or make a border to something edged with flowers .
2 to shape the edge or border of something.
3 (usu edge forward, in or out, etc ) tr & intr to move gradually and carefully, especially sideways.
4 to sharpen (a knife, etc).
5 cricket to strike with the edge of the bat.
[Anglo-Saxon ecg ]
edged adjective , in compounds
1 having an edge of a specified kind sharp-edged .
2 having a specified number of edges double-edged .
edger noun
1 a garden tool for trimming the edge of a lawn.
2 someone or something that edges.
edging noun
1 a border, especially a decorative one.
2 the act of making an edge.
adjective used for making an edge.
have the edge on or over someone or something
1 to have an advantage over them.
2 to be better than them.
on edge uneasy; nervous and irritable.
set someone's teeth on edge see under tooth.
take the edge off something
1 to make it less unpleasant or less difficult.
2 to weaken or diminish it.
edge out something or someone
1 to remove or get rid of it or them gradually.
2 to defeat them by a small margin.

También tienes: hedge
edge tool or edged tool
noun a tool with a sharp edge.

edgeways or edgewise
1 sideways.
2 with the edge uppermost or forwards.
3 in the direction of the edge.
not get a word in edgeways to be unable to say anything because someone else is talking continuously.

adjective (edgier , edgiest ) colloq easily annoyed; anxious, nervous or tense.
edgily adverb .
edginess noun .

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