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early pronunciación
adverb , adjective (earlier , earliest )
1 characteristic of or near the beginning of (a period of time, period of development, etc).
2 sooner than others, sooner than usual, or sooner than expected or intended.
3 in the near future.
4 in the distant past.
[Anglo-Saxon ærlice ]
earliness noun .
at the earliest not before, and probably later than (a specified time).
earlier on previously.
early and late at all times.
early on at or near the beginning of a period of time, etc.
have an early night colloq to go to bed earlier than usual.
in the early days during the first years of (an enterprise, marriage, reign, etc).
it's early days colloq it is too soon to be able to judge the outcome or expect a result.
keep early hours to go to bed and to get up early regularly.

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