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ear pronunciación 1
1 the sense organ that is concerned with hearing and the maintenance of balance in vertebrates.
2 the external part of the ear.
3 the sense or power of hearing.
4 the ability to hear and appreciate the difference between sounds an ear for music .
5 anything like an ear in shape or position.
6 formal or literary attention; the act of listening give ear to me .
[Anglo-Saxon eare ]
eared adjective , usu in compounds .
earless adjective .
be all ears colloq to listen attentively or with great interest.
fall on deaf ears said of a remark, etc: to be ignored.
give someone a thick ear to hit them on their ear, especially as a punishment.
have someone's ear to have them willing to listen or pay attention.
have or keep one's ear to the ground to keep oneself well informed about what is happening around one.
in one ear and out the other or in at one ear and out at the other colloq listened to but immediately disregarded.
lend an ear to someone or something to listen.
make someone's ears burn to talk, especially unpleasantly, about them in their absence.
out on one's ear colloq dismissed swiftly and without politeness.
pin back one's ears colloq to listen attentively.
play by ear or play something by ear to play (music) without the help of printed music.
play it by ear colloq to act without a fixed plan, according to the situation that arises.
turn a deaf ear to someone or something to refuse to listen.
up to one's ears in something colloq deeply involved in it or occupied with it.

También tienes: hear
ear pronunciación 2
noun the part of a cereal plant, such as wheat, that contains the seeds.
eared adjective .

También tienes: hear
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