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abbreviation each.

each pronunciación
adjective applied to every one of two or more people or items considered separately.
pronoun every single one of two or more people, animals or things.
adverb to, for or from each one Give them one each .
[Anglo-Saxon ælc , from a ever + gelic alike]
each other used as the object of a verb or preposition when an action takes place between two (or more than two) people, etc They were talking to each other . See also one another at one.
each way said of a bet: winning if the horse, dog, etc on which the bet is placed finishes first, second or third in a race.

each other, one another There is no difference between these two expressions in current usage, regardless of the number of people or things referred to: Jo and I see each other every day from Monday to Thursday. Everybody was arguing with each other and we had a fight. Catfish tend to nip one another as they swim round the tank.

1 (often eager for something or to do something) feeling or showing great desire or enthusiasm; keen to do or get something.
2 excited by desire or expectancy an eager glance .
[13c: from French aigre ]
eagerly adverb .
eagerness noun .

eager beaver
noun , colloq someone who is exceptionally enthusiastic or willing.

eagle pronunciación
1 any of various large birds of prey.
2 a figure of an eagle, used as a national emblem by various countries.
3 golf a score of two under par for a particular hole on a course.
[14c: from French aigle , from Latin aquila ]

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