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dry pronunciación
adjective (drier , driest )
1 free from or lacking moisture or wetness.
2 with little or no rainfall.
3 from which all the water has evaporated or been taken a dry well .
4 thirsty.
5 said of an animal: no longer producing milk.
6 said of wine, etc: not sweet.
7 not buttered dry toast .
8 said of humour: expressed in a quietly sarcastic or matter-of-fact way.
9 forbidding the sale and consumption of alcohol.
10 said of eyes: without tears.
11 dull; uninteresting.
12 lacking warmth of character.
13 said of a cough: not producing catarrh.
verb (dries , dried , drying )
1 tr & intr (sometimes dry something off or dry off) to make or become dry.
2 to preserve (food) by removing all moisture.
noun (dries or drys ) colloq a staunch right-wing British Conservative politician. Compare wet.
[Anglo-Saxon dryge ]
drily or dryly adverb .
dryness noun .
cut and dried see under cut.
high and dry see under high.
dry out
1 to become completely dry.
2 colloq to receive treatment to cure addiction to alcohol; to have one's addiction cured.
dry something out to dry it completely.
dry up
1 to dry thoroughly or completely.
2 to cease to produce or be produced.
3 colloq said of a speaker or actor: to run out of words; to forget lines while on stage.
4 slang to shut up or be quiet.
dry something up to dry (dishes) after washing them.

dry battery
noun a battery consisting of dry cells.

dry cell
noun , chem an electrolytic cell in which current is passed through an electrolyte that consists of a moist paste, eg ammonium chloride, instead of a liquid.

dry dock
noun a dock from which the water can be pumped out to allow work on a ship's lower parts.

dry hole
noun , oil industry
1 a well which does not yield commercially viable quantities of oil or gas.
2 any unsuccessful project.

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