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drop pronunciación
verb (dropped , dropping )
1 tr & intr to fall or allow to fall.
2 tr & intr to decline or make something decline; to lower or weaken.
3 to give up or abandon (eg a friend or a habit); to stop doing something.
4 to stop discussing (a topic).
5 (also drop someone or something off) to set them down from a vehicle; to deliver or hand them in.
6 to leave or take out someone or something They've dropped me from the team .
7 to mention something casually drop a hint .
8 to fail to pronounce (especially a consonant) drop one's h's .
9 colloq to write informally Drop me a line .
10 rugby to score (a goal) by a drop kick.
11 coarse slang except when said of an animal to give birth to (a baby).
12 slang to cause someone to fall to the ground by a punch, a shot, etc.
1 a small round or pear-shaped mass of liquid, especially when falling; a small amount (of liquid).
2 a descent; a fall.
3 a vertical distance.
4 a decline or decrease.
5 any small round or pear-shaped object, eg an earring or boiled sweet.
6 (drops) liquid medication administered in small amounts eye drops .
7 a delivery.
8 in compounds (usu drop-) used of something that drops, or that is used in or for dropping.
[Anglo-Saxon droppian ]
at the drop of a hat colloq promptly; for the slightest reason.
let something drop to make it known inadvertently or as if inadvertently.
drop back or behind to get left behind others in a group.
drop in or by to pay a brief unexpected visit.
drop into something to pass idly or passively into (a habit, etc).
drop off
1 colloq to fall asleep.
2 to become less; to diminish; to disappear.
drop out
1 to withdraw from an activity.
2 colloq to adopt an alternative lifestyle as a reaction against traditional social values. See also dropout.
drop out of something to withdraw eg from a prearranged activity.

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