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drier2, dries and driest see under dry

drift pronunciación
1 geol superficial deposits of rock material that have been carried from their place of origin by glaciers.
2 geol continental drift.
3 a general movement or tendency to move.
4 the movement of a stretch of sea in the direction of a prevailing wind.
5 degree of movement off course caused by wind or a current.
6 the general or essential meaning of something.
verb (drifted , drifting ) intr
1 to float or be blown along or into heaps.
2 to move aimlessly or passively from one place or occupation to another.
3 to move off course.
[13c: Norse, meaning -snowdrift-]

drift net
noun a large fishing net allowed to drift with the tide.

1 a fishing-boat that uses a drift net.
2 someone who moves from place to place, settling in none.

noun wood floating near, or washed up on, a shore.

drill pronunciación 1
1 a tool for boring holes.
2 a training exercise, or a session of it.
3 colloq correct procedure; routine.
verb (drilled , drilling )
1 to make (a hole) with a drill; to make a hole in something with a drill.
2 to exercise or teach through repeated practice.
[17c: probably from Dutch drillen to bore]

drill pronunciación 2
noun thick strong cotton cloth.
[18c: from German Drillich ticking]

drill pronunciación 3
1 a shallow furrow in which seeds are sown.
2 the seeds sown or plants growing in such a row.
3 a machine for sowing seeds in rows.
verb (drilled , drilling ) to sow (seeds) in rows.
[18c: possibly from drill1]

drill pronunciación 4
noun a W African baboon related to, but smaller than, the mandrill.
[17c: from a W African language]

drill bit
noun a removable cutting and boring head in a drill.

drilling platform
noun a floating or fixed offshore structure supporting a drilling rig.

drilling rig or drill rig
noun the complete apparatus and structure required for drilling an oil well.
[Early 20c]

drily see under dry

drink pronunciación
verb (past tense drank , past participle drunk , present participle drinking )
1 tr & intr to swallow (a liquid); to consume (a liquid) by swallowing.
2 intr to drink alcohol; to drink alcohol to excess.
3 to get oneself into a certain state by drinking alcohol drank himself into a stupor .
1 an act of drinking.
2 liquid suitable for or intended for drinking.
3 alcohol of any kind or the habit of drinking alcohol to excess.
4 a glass or amount of drink.
5 (the drink) colloq the sea.
[Anglo-Saxon drincan ]
drinkable adjective fit to be drunk.
drinker noun someone who drinks, especially alcohol, and especially too much.
drink someone under the table to continue drinking and remain sober (or comparatively so) after one's companion has completely collapsed.
drink the health of someone or drink to (the health of) someone to drink a toast to them.
drink something in
1 to listen to it eagerly.
2 to absorb it.
drink up
1 to finish (a drink) by drinking.
2 to finish drinking.

noun the act or practice of driving while under the influence of alcohol.
drink-driver noun .

drinking pronunciación
noun the act or habit of drinking.
adjective fit for or intended for drinking drinking water .

drinking fountain
noun a device which produces a flow or jet of drinking water, especially in public places.

drinking-up time
noun in a public house: the few minutes allowed after official closing time for customers to finish their last drinks before leaving.

drip pronunciación
verb (dripped , dripping )
1 tr & intr to release or fall in drops.
2 intr to release a liquid in drops Don't leave the tap dripping .
3 tr & intr , colloq to bear or contain an impressive or excessive amount of something a film dripping with sentimentality .
1 the action or noise of dripping.
2 a a device for passing a liquid solution slowly and continuously into a vein;
b the act or process of introducing a liquid in this way;
c the solution introduced in this way. Also called drip-feed.
3 derog, colloq someone who lacks spirit or character.
[Anglo-Saxon dryppan ]

adjective said of a garment or fabric: requiring little or no ironing if hung up to dry by dripping.
verb , tr & intr to dry in this way.

noun a drip ( noun 2).
verb to feed something or someone with a liquid using a drip.

dripping pronunciación 1
noun fat from roasted meat, especially when solidified.

dripping pronunciación 2 present participle of drip

drive pronunciación
verb (past tense drove , past participle driven , present participle driving )
a to control the movement of (a vehicle);
b to be legally qualified to do so.
2 intr to travel in a vehicle.
3 to take or transport someone or something in a vehicle.
4 to urge or force someone or something to move drive cattle boats driven onto the beach by the storm .
5 to make someone or something get into a particular state or condition Her chatter drives me to distraction It drove me crazy .
6 to force by striking drove the nail into the wood .
7 to produce motion in something; to make it operate machinery driven by steam .
8 sport
a in golf: to hit (a ball), especially from the tee and using a driver;
b in cricket: to hit (a ball) forward with an upright bat;
c to hit or kick (a ball, etc) with great force.
9 to conduct or dictate drive a hard bargain .
1 a trip in a vehicle; travel by road.
2 a path for vehicles, leading from a private residence to the road outside. Also called driveway.
3 (Drive) a street title in an address.
4 energy and enthusiasm.
5 an organized campaign; a group effort an economy drive .
6 operating power, or a device supplying this.
7 a forceful strike of a ball in various sports.
8 a united movement forward, especially by a military force.
9 a meeting to play a game, especially cards.
[Anglo-Saxon drifan ]
drivability or driveability noun .
drivable or driveable adjective .
be driven by something to be motivated by it They were driven to steal by sheer hunger .
be driving at something to intend or imply it as a meaning or conclusion What is he driving at?
drive something home
1 to make it clearly understood.
2 to force (a bolt, nail, etc) completely in.

adjective said of a cinema, restaurant, etc: providing a service or facility for customers remaining seated in vehicles.
noun a drive-in cinema, restaurant, etc.

noun a shop, restaurant, etc from a window of which drivers can be served without leaving their cars.

noun nonsense.
verb (drivelled , drivelling ; US driveled , driveling ) intr
1 to talk nonsense.
2 to dribble or slaver.
[Anglo-Saxon dreflian to dribble]

1 someone who drives a vehicle.
2 a large-headed golf club for hitting the ball from the tee.
3 any device, etc that drives something.
in the driver's seat colloq in a controlling or commanding position.

driveway see under drive

driving pronunciación
noun the act, practice or way of driving vehicles.
1 producing or transmitting operating power driving wheel .
2 heavy and windblown driving rain .
3 providing the motive for determined hard work her driving ambition .


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