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down pronunciación 1
1 towards or in a low or lower position, level or state; on or to the ground.
2 from a greater to a lesser size, amount or level scaled down calm down .
3 towards or in a more southerly place.
4 in writing; on paper take down notes .
5 as a deposit put down five pounds .
6 to an end stage or finished state hunt someone down grind down .
7 from earlier to later times handed down through generations .
8 to a state of exhaustion, defeat, etc worn down by illness .
9 not vomited up keep food down .
10 in a crossword: in the vertical direction 5 down . Compare across (adverb 10).
1 in a lower position on something.
2 along; at a further position on, by or through down the road .
3 along in the direction of the current of a river.
4 from the top to or towards the bottom.
5 dialect to or in (a particular place) going down the town .
1 sad; in low spirits.
2 going towards or reaching a lower position a down pipe .
3 made as a deposit a down payment .
4 reduced in price.
5 said of a computer, etc: out of action, especially temporarily.
verb (downed , downing )
1 to drink something quickly, especially in one gulp.
2 to force someone to the ground.
interjection used as a command to animals, especially dogs: get or stay down.
1 an unsuccessful or otherwise unpleasant period Life has its ups and downs .
2 (downs) an area of rolling (especially treeless) hills, especially the Downs in southern England.
[Anglo-Saxon of dune from the hill]
down by with a deficit (of something specified) down by three goals .
down for noted; entered in a list, etc Your name is down for the hurdles .
down in the mouth depressed.
down on one's luck in unfortunate circumstances; in a bad way.
down to the ground colloq completely; perfectly.
down tools colloq to stop working, as a protest.
down under colloq in or to Australia and/or New Zealand.
down with ?! let us get rid of ?!
have a down on someone colloq to be ill-disposed towards them.
up and down
1 to and fro.
2 alternately well and ill.

down pronunciación 2
noun soft fine feathers or hair.
[14c: from Norse dunn ]

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