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double pronunciación
1 made up of two similar parts; paired; in pairs.
2 twice the weight, size, etc, or twice the usual weight, size, etc.
3 for two people a double bed .
4 ambiguous double meaning .
5 said of a musical instrument: sounding an octave lower double bass .
1 twice.
2 with one half over the other folded double .
1 a double quantity.
2 a duplicate or lookalike.
3 an actor's stand-in.
4 a double measure of alcoholic spirit.
5 a racing bet in which any winnings from the first stake become a stake in a subsequent race.
6 a win in two events on the same racing programme. See separate entry doubles.
verb (doubled , doubling )
1 tr & intr to make or become twice as large in size, number, etc.
2 (often double something over) to fold or bend it in two.
3 intr to have a second use or function The spare bed doubles as a couch .
4 intr to turn round sharply.
5 intr (often double for someone) to act as their substitute.
[13c: from French doble , from Latin duplus ]
at or on the double very quickly.
double or quits in gambling: the alternative, left to chance, of doubling or cancelling payment.
double back to turn and go back, often by a different route.
double up
1 to bend sharply at the waist, especially through pain.
2 (also double up with someone) to share a bedroom with another person.

double act
noun , theat two entertainers working together.

double agent
noun a spy working for two opposing governments at the same time.

double axel see under axel

double bass
noun the largest and lowest in pitch of the orchestral stringed instruments. Also called string bass.

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