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do pronunciación 1
verb (does , past tense did , past participle done , present participle doing )
1 to carry out, perform or commit something.
2 to finish or complete something.
3 tr & intr to be enough or suitable (for) That will do for me That will do me .
4 to work at or study Are you doing maths?
5 intr to be in a particular state Business is doing well .
6 to put in order or arrange.
7 intr to act or behave.
8 to provide something as a service do lunches .
9 to bestow (honour, etc).
10 to cause or produce.
11 to travel (a distance).
12 to travel at (a speed).
13 colloq to be an improvement or enhancement to something or someone This dress doesn't do much for my figure .
14 colloq to cheat someone.
15 colloq to copy the behaviour of someone; to mimic them.
16 to visit (a place, etc) as a tourist.
17 colloq to ruin something Now he's done it!
18 colloq to assault or injure someone Tell me, or I'll do you .
19 colloq to spend (time) in prison.
20 colloq to convict someone.
21 intr , colloq to happen There was nothing doing .
22 slang to take (drugs).
auxiliary verb
1 used in questions and negative statements or commands, as in Do you smoke? , I don't like wine and Don't do that!
2 used to avoid repetition of a verb, as in She eats as much as I do and She comes here every day , does she?
3 used for emphasis, as in She does know you've arrived .
noun (dos or do's ) colloq
1 a party or other gathering.
2 something done as a rule or custom dos and don'ts .
3 a violent scene; a fracas.
[Anglo-Saxon don ]
could do with something or someone would benefit from having them.
have or be to do with someone or something
1 said of a thing, event, etc: to be related to or connected with something else What has that to do with your question? It has nothing to do with me .
2 said of a person: to be partly or wholly responsible for something I had nothing to do with the arrangement .
do away with someone or something
1 to murder them.
2 to abolish (an institution, etc).
do for someone colloq
1 to do household cleaning for them.
2 to defeat, ruin or kill them.
do someone or something down to speak of them or it as if unimportant or not very good.
do someone in colloq
1 to kill them.
2 to exhaust them.
do something out to clear out (a room, etc); to decorate it.
do someone out of something to deprive them of it, especially by trickery.
do someone over slang
1 to rob them.
2 to attack or injure them.
do oneself up to dress up.
do something up colloq
1 to repair, clean or improve the decoration of a building, etc.
2 to fasten it; to tie or wrap it up.
do without something to manage without it.

do The use of do as a substitute for have in sentences such as I have a more demanding job than you do is sometimes regarded as poor style, and is best avoided in formal contexts.

do pronunciación 2 see doh

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