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direct pronunciación
1 straight; following the quickest and shortest path from beginning to end or to a destination.
2 said of a person's manner, etc: open, straightforward and honest; going straight to the point.
3 with no other factors involved the direct cause of the accident .
4 not working or communicating through other people, organizations, etc a direct link with the chairman .
5 exact; complete a direct opposite .
6 forming or being part of an unbroken line of descent from parent to child to grandchild, etc a direct descendant of Sir Walter Raleigh .
verb (directed , directing )
1 to point, aim or turn something in a particular direction.
2 to show the way to someone.
3 tr & intr (usu direct someone to do something or something to be done or that something be done) to give orders or instructions.
4 to control or manage something; to be in charge of something.
5 tr & intr to plan and supervise the production of (a play or film).
6 formal to put a name and address on (a letter, etc).
adverb directly; by the quickest or shortest path.
[14c, originally meaning -to send a letter to someone-: from Latin directus , from dirigere to direct or guide]

direct access
noun , comput the ability to access data directly without having to scan any part of the storage file first.

direct action
noun action taken in order to obtain some demand or concession from a government, an employer, etc, eg strikes, civil disobedience and acts of terrorism.

direct current
noun (abbreviation DC) electric current which flows in one direction. Compare alternating current.

direct debit
noun , finance an order to one's bank which allows someone else to withdraw regular sums of money from one's account, especially in payment of bills. Compare standing order.

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