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differ pronunciación
verb (differed , differing ) intr
1 to be different or unlike Their house differs from ours .
2 (often differ with someone) to disagree.
[14c: from French differer ]
agree to differ see under agree.

1 something that makes one thing or person unlike another.
2 the state of being unlike.
3 a change from an earlier state, etc.
4 the amount by which one quantity or number is greater or less than another.
5 a quarrel or disagreement.
[14c: from Latin differentia ]
make a or no, etc difference to have some or no, etc effect on a situation.
with a difference with something special; in a special way.

difference of opinion
noun a disagreement.

different pronunciación
1 (usu different from or to something or someone) not the same; unlike.
2 separate; distinct; various.
3 colloq unusual.
differently adverb .

different from, to, or than || In current British English, different is followed more or less equally by -from- or -to-: He was, in fact, totally different from Keith. James looked very different from the last time she had seen him. This is very different to the ideal situation. The next day was Christmas Eve, but it was no different to any other day except that the shop was very, very busy. || Note that the verb differ is never followed by -to-. || In American English, but much less in British English, different is commonly followed by -than-, especially when a clause follows: AmE It was all very different than they had imagined. BrE It was all very different from/to what they had imagined. Recommendation: use different from or different to; avoid different than, which is common in American English.

noun (pl differentiae ) logic
1 that property which distinguishes one species from others.
2 a distinguishing feature.

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