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die pronunciación 1
verb (died , dying ) intr
1 to stop living; to cease to be alive.
2 to cease to exist; to come to an end or fade away.
3 said of an engine, etc: to stop working suddenly and unexpectedly.
4 (usu die of something) to suffer or be overcome by the effects of it die of laughter .
[14c in the form dien : from Norse deyja ]
be dying for something or to do something colloq to have a strong desire or need for it or to do it.
die game to keep up one's spirit to the last.
die hard to be difficult to change or remove. See also diehard.
die in harness to die while still working.
die the death to fail; come to an end.
never say die never give up.
to die for colloq highly desirable That new shop sells fashion accessories to die for He has a body to die for .
die away
1 to fade away from sight or hearing until gone.
2 to become steadily weaker and finally stop.
die back bot said of a plant's soft shoots: to die or wither from the tip back to the hard wood. See also dieback.
die down
1 to lose strength or force.
2 said of a plant or its soft shoots: to wither back to the root without completely dying.
die off to die one after another; to die in large numbers.
die out to cease to exist anywhere; to become extinct.

die pronunciación 2
1 (pl dies )
a a metal tool or stamp for cutting or shaping metal or making designs on coins, etc.
b a metal device for shaping or moulding a semisoft solid material.
2 (pl dice ) a dice.
[14c in the form dee : from French de , from Latin datum something given]
straight as a die
1 completely straight.
2 completely honest.
the die is cast a decision has been made or an action taken which cannot be changed or gone back on.

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