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noun a tendency to dissent from some aspects of a (usually political) belief or ideology.
deviationist noun .

device pronunciación
1 something made for a special purpose, eg a tool or instrument.
2 a plan or scheme for doing something, sometimes involving deceit.
3 heraldry a sign, pattern or symbol used eg on a crest or shield.
[13c: from French devis and devise , from Latin divisa mark or device]
be left to one's own devices to be left alone and without help.

devil pronunciación
1 (the Devil) relig the most powerful evil spirit; Satan.
2 any evil or wicked spirit.
3 colloq a mischievous or bad person.
4 colloq a person of a stated type lucky devil .
5 someone or something difficult to deal with.
6 someone who excels at something.
7 (the devil) used for emphasis in mild oaths and exclamations Where the devil is it?
8 in various occupations and professions: an apprentice or junior employee printer's devil .
9 meteorol a dust storm.
10 any of various machines used especially for tearing.
verb (devilled , devilling ; US deviled , deviling )
1 to prepare or cook (meat, etc) with a spicy seasoning.
2 intr to do very menial work; to act as a drudge to someone.
[16c in this form; Anglo-Saxon deofol , from Greek diabolos slanderer]
be a devil! colloq said to encourage someone to do something they are hesitating to do.
between the devil and the deep blue sea in a situation where the alternatives are equally undesirable.
devil take the hindmost said to encourage one to take care of one's own success, safety, etc with no thought for others.
give the devil his due admit the good points of a person one dislikes.
go to the devil
1 to be ruined.
2 usually said as a command, in anger: go away.
like the devil colloq very hard.
speak or talk of the devil said on the arrival of someone one has just been talking about.
the devil to pay serious trouble as a consequence of an action, etc.

devil's advocate
1 someone who argues for or against something simply to encourage discussion or argument.
2 RC Church an advocate at the papal court whose duty is to propose objections against a canonization.

devil's coach-horse
noun a large dark-coloured beetle.

devil's darning needle
noun , colloq a dragonfly or damselfly.

devil's food cake
noun , chiefly N Am a very rich kind of chocolate cake.

adjective cheerfully heedless of danger, consequences, etc.

1 the giant ray of US waters.
2 the octopus.

1 characteristic of or like a devil; as if from, produced by, etc a devil.
2 very wicked.
3 colloq very great or very difficult.
adverb , old use very.
devilishly adverb , old use very; terribly.

noun mischievous fun.

noun (devilries )
1 mischievous fun.
2 wickedness or cruelty.
3 witchcraft; black magic.

devils on horseback
plural noun prunes wrapped in slices of bacon, grilled until crisp and served on toast.

1 not totally open or honest; deceitful.
2 cunning; able to think up clever and usually deceitful ways of achieving things, etc.
3 not direct came by a devious route .
[17c; 16c, meaning -remote or out of the way-: from Latin devius , from de from + via road]
deviously adverb .
deviousness noun .

verb (devised , devising )
1 to invent, make up or put together (a plan, etc) in one's mind.
2 law to leave (property such as land or buildings) to someone in a will. See also bequeath.
[14c: from French deviser , from Latin divisa division of goods]
deviser noun someone who devises plans, etc.
devisor noun , law someone who bequeaths property by will.

devitalize or devitalise
verb (devitalized , devitalizing ) to deprive someone or something of vitality or life-giving properties.
devitalization noun .


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