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develop pronunciación
verb (developed , developing )
1 tr & intr to make or become more mature, more advanced, more complete, more organized, more detailed, etc.
2 said of a living organism, organ, tissue or cell: to become transformed from a simple structure to a much more complex one.
3 to begin to have something; to have an increasing amount of it develop an interest in politics .
4 tr & intr to appear and grow, or to have or suffer from something which has appeared and grown developing a cold .
5 to use chemical agents to convert an invisible image on (exposed photographic film or paper) into a visible image.
6 to bring into fuller use (the natural resources, etc of a country or region).
7 to build on (land) or prepare (land) for being built on.
8 chess to bring (a piece) into a position useful in attack.
9 maths to express (an expression or function) in expanded form.
10 geom to unroll into a plane surface.
[17c; originally meaning -to unroll or unfurl-, from French développer ]
developable adjective .

1 a chemical used to develop photographic film.
2 someone who builds on land or improves and increases the value of buildings.

developing country
noun , econ a country with a low income per capita of population, which is trying to improve its position through industrialization.

development pronunciación
1 the act of developing or the process of being developed.
2 a new stage, event or situation.
3 a result or consequence.
4 land which has been or is being developed, or the buildings built or being built on it.
5 maths the expression of a function ( noun 4) in the form of a series.
6 music elaboration of a theme, or that part of a movement in which this occurs.
developmental adjective .
developmentally adverb .

development area
noun , Brit an area of high unemployment into which the government encourages businesses and industry to move eg by offering grants.

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