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deposit pronunciación
verb (deposited , depositing )
1 to put down or leave something.
2 to put (money, etc) in a bank, etc.
3 to give (a sum of money) as the first part of the payment for something, so guaranteeing that one can complete the purchase later.
4 to pay (a sum of money) as a guarantee against loss or damage.
1 a sum of money, etc, deposited in a bank, etc.
2 a sum of money given as part payment for something or paid as a guarantee against loss or damage.
3 solid matter that has settled at the bottom of a liquid, or is left behind by a liquid.
4 geol a layer (of coal, oil, minerals, etc) occurring naturally in rock.
[16c: from Latin depositum , from deponere to put down]

deposit account
noun a bank account in which money can gain interest but cannot be transferred to other people by eg cheque or standing order.

depositary pronunciación
noun (depositaries )
1 formal a person, etc to whom something is given for safekeeping.
2 a depository (sense 1).
[17c in sense 1; 18c in sense 2: from Latin depositarius ]

1 the act of deposing or process of being deposed.
2 the act of depositing or process of being deposited.
3 law a written statement made under oath and used as evidence in a court of law when the witness cannot be present.
4 geol the laying down on the Earth's surface of eroded material that has been transported by wind, rivers, glaciers, avalanches, etc.
[14c: from Latin depositio putting down]
depositional adjective .

noun someone who deposits money in a bank or building society.

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