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deep pronunciación
1 far down from the top or surface; with a relatively great distance from the top or surface to the bottom.
2 going or being far in from the outside surface or edge.
3 (usu in compounds ) going or being far down by a specified amount knee-deep in mud .
4 in a specified number of rows or layers lined up four deep .
5 coming from or going far down; long and full a deep sigh a deep breath .
6 very great; serious deep trouble .
7 said of a colour: strong and relatively dark.
8 low in pitch deep-toned .
9 said of emotions, etc: strongly felt.
10 obscure; hard to understand deep thoughts .
11 said of a person: mysterious; keeping secret thoughts.
12 cricket not close to the wickets.
13 football well behind one's team's front line of players.
1 deeply.
2 far down or into.
3 late on in or well into (a period of time).
1 (the deep) the ocean.
2 (also deeps) old use a place far below the surface of the ground or the sea. See also depth.
[Anglo-Saxon deop ]
deeply adverb very greatly.
deepness noun .
deep down in reality, although not in appearance.
deep in something fully occupied or involved with it deep in thought .
go in or jump in or dive in or be thrown in at the deep end colloq to begin or be given a difficult undertaking with little or no experience or preparation.
go off at or go off the deep end colloq to lose one's temper suddenly and violently.
in deep water colloq in trouble or difficulties.

deep kiss
noun a French kiss.
deep kissing noun .

deep litter
noun a deep layer of peat material on the floor of a place where hens are kept.

deep space
noun outer space, or the area outside the solar system.

adjective thoroughgoing; extreme.

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