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death pronunciación
1 the time, act or manner of dying, or the state of being dead.
2 biol the cessation of all the vital functions that are required to keep an organism alive.
3 med the cessation of the heartbeat when this is accompanied by brain death.
4 often humorous something which causes a person to die His antics will be the death of me .
5 the end or destruction of something.
6 (Death) the figure of a skeleton, as a symbol of death.
deathless adjective , often ironic immortal; unforgettable deathless prose .
deathlessness noun .
deathlike adjective .
deathliness noun .
deathly adjective .
at death's door near death; gravely ill.
catch one's death or catch one's death of cold colloq to catch a very bad cold.
do someone to death old use to kill them.
do something to death to overuse it; to repeat it too often.
in at the death
1 present when a hunted animal, eg a fox, is killed.
2 present at the climax, end, etc of an enterprise, undertaking, etc.
like death warmed up or over colloq said of someone's appearance: unhealthy; very unwell.
like grim death very hard or tightly.
put someone to death to kill them or have them killed; to execute them.
to death very much; to an extreme or excess bored to death .
to the death until dead or until one's opponent is dead; to the very end.

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