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deal pronunciación 1
1 a bargain, agreement or arrangement, especially in business or politics.
2 a particular form of treatment or behaviour towards someone a rough deal .
3 the act or way of, or a player's turn of, sharing out cards among the players in a card game.
verb (dealt , dealing )
1 intr (always deal in something) to buy and sell He deals in stocks and shares .
2 tr & intr to buy and sell (illegal drugs) He was suspected of dealing heroin .
3 tr & intr (also deal out) to divide (the cards) among the players in a card game.
4 (also deal out) to give something out to a number of people, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon dæl a part]
a good or great deal
1 a large quantity.
2 very much or often She sees them a great deal .
deal someone a blow to hit, strike or distress them.
deal with something or someone
1 to take action regarding them.
2 to be concerned with them.

deal pronunciación 2
noun a plank or planks of soft wood, now always fir or pine wood, used for making furniture, etc.
[15c in the form dele : from German dialect]

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