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dead pronunciación
1 no longer living.
2 not alive.
3 no longer in existence; extinct.
4 with nothing living or growing in or on it.
5 not, or no longer, functioning; not connected to a source of power.
6 no longer burning.
7 no longer in use a dead language .
8 no longer of interest or importance a dead issue .
9 having little or no excitement or activity; boring.
10 without feeling; numb.
11 complete; absolute.
12 said of a sound: dull.
13 sport said of a ball: in a position where it cannot be played until brought back into the game.
14 (the dead) dead people (see the, sense 4b).
adverb , colloq absolutely; quite; exactly; very dead drunk dead right .
deadness noun .
dead against something completely opposed to it.
dead as a dodo or a doornail or mutton absolutely dead.
dead from the neck up derog colloq of little intelligence.
dead on exact; exactly dead on time . See also dead-on.
dead to something incapable of understanding it; not affected by it.
dead to the world colloq fast asleep.
I, etc wouldn't be seen dead doing something colloq I, etc would never do it.
over my dead body not if I can prevent it.
the dead of night the middle of the night, when it is most intensely dark and still.
the dead of winter the middle of winter, when it is most intensely cold.

dead beat
adjective , colloq exhausted.

dead bolt
noun a lock which is moved by turning the key or knob without the intervention of a spring. Also called deadlock.

dead centre
1 engineering in a reciprocating engine or pump: either of the positions at the top and bottom of a piston stroke, at which the crank and connecting rod are in line and there is no actual turning effect. Also called dead point.
2 (usu top or bottom dead centre) the non-rotating centre in the tailstock of a lathe.

dead duck
noun , colloq someone or something with no chance of success or survival.

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