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verb (dashes , dashed , dashing )
1 intr to run quickly; to rush I had to dash off to catch my train .
2 intr to crash or smash.
3 (often dash against something) to hit or smash it violently.
4 to destroy or put an end to (hopes, etc).
noun (dashes )
1 a quick run or sudden rush.
2 a small amount of something added, especially a liquid.
3 a patch of colour.
4 a short line (-) used in writing to show a break in a sentence, etc.
5 in Morse code: the longer of the two lengths of signal element, written as a short line. Compare dot.
6 confidence, enthusiasm and stylishness.
7 N Am sport a short race for fast runners.
8 a dashboard.
[14c in the form dasch ; from earlier daschen or dassen to rush or strike violently]
dash off something or dash something off to produce or write it hastily.

dash 1. long dash - || This introduces an explanation or expansion: The film is excellent - it has slick photography, a pacy plot and lavish costumes. A more formal alternative is to use a colon. || It introduces an emphatic comment: He can do it - and he will! || In pairs, it encloses an emphatic comment: There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. || In pairs, it encloses an inserted comment or aside: I'm told his car - some fancy foreign job, I believe - cost over £28,000. A more formal alternative style is to use a pair of commas or a pair of round brackets. 2. short dash ? || This links the limits of a range: the 1914?18 War pages 467?81 volumes I?IV an A?Z guide to the birds of Britain Don't use a dash to link items in a phrase beginning with -between- or -from-: ? between 1987?95 ? from 1918?39 ? between 1987 and 1995 ? from 1918 to 1939 || It links two or more words that together modify a following word: a 3?0 win for Arsenal the Paris?Lyon autoroute the space?time continuum

interjection a milder and less offensive substitute for damn.

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