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dare pronunciación
verb (dared , daring )
1 intr (also as auxiliary verb ? see note below) to be brave enough to do something frightening, difficult or dangerous He wouldn't dare to leave Dare I tell him?
2 to challenge someone to do something frightening, difficult, dangerous, etc.
3 to be brave enough to risk facing someone or something dare his father's anger .
noun a challenge to do something dangerous, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon durran ]
how dare you! an expression of anger or indignation at something someone has said or done.
I dare say or daresay probably; I suppose I dare say you're right .

dare || When dare means -to be brave enough to do something-, it may be used either as an ordinary intransitive verb or as an auxiliary verb. || When dare is used as an intransitive verb, the form of the verb accompanying -he/she/it- ends in --s-, and questions and negative statements are formed with the auxiliary verb -do-: If he dares to do that, I'll just walk out. I did not dare to look at him. Didn't you dare to tell him? Few would have dared to predict the outcome. As an intransitive verb, dare may be followed by -to-, as in the examples above, or, equally correctly, by a verb without -to-: I did not dare make a noise. Don't you dare say a word! Who dares contradict him? || When dare is used as an auxiliary verb, the verb accompanying -he/she/it- has no --s' ending, questions and negative statements are formed without -do-, and there is no -to- before the following verb: Dare she push her bike through the gate? I dared not look at him. Daren't he tell her?

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