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dance pronunciación
verb (danced , dancing )
1 intr to make a usually repeated series of rhythmic steps or movements (usually in time to music).
2 to perform (a particular series of such steps or movements) dance a waltz .
3 intr (usu dance about or around) to move or jump quickly up and down or from side to side.
4 to bounce (a baby), usually on one's knee.
1 a series of fixed steps, usually made in time to music.
2 a social gathering at which people dance.
3 a piece of music played for dancing.
as adjective dance-band dance music .
[13c: from French danser to dance]
danceable adjective .
dancer noun someone who dances, especially professionally.
dancing noun .
dance attendance on someone derog to follow them closely and do whatever they want.
dance to someone's tune to do exactly what they want or expect.
lead someone a merry dance to involve them in unnecessary difficulties and exertions.

dance music
1 any music that can be danced to.
2 music, such as acid house, hip-hop, techno, etc, created for dancing to in clubs.

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