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cut pronunciación
verb (cut , cutting )
1 tr & intr (also cut something off or out) to slit, pierce, slice or sever (a person or thing) using a sharp instrument.
2 (often cut something up) to divide something by cutting.
3 to trim (hair, nails, etc).
4 to reap or mow (corn, grass, etc).
5 to prune (flowers or plants).
6 (sometimes cut something out) to make or form it by cutting.
7 to shape the surface of (a gem) into facets, or decorate (glass) by cutting.
8 to shape the pieces of (a garment) He cuts clothes so that they hang perfectly .
9 to make (a sound recording).
10 to injure or wound with a sharp edge or instrument.
11 to hurt cut someone to the heart .
12 to reduce (eg prices, wages, interest rates, working hours, etc).
13 to shorten or abridge (eg a book or play).
14 to delete or omit.
15 to edit (a film).
16 intr to stop filming.
17 intr , cinema said of a film or camera: to change directly to another shot, etc.
18 maths to cross or intersect.
19 to reject or renounce cut one's links with one's family .
20 colloq to ignore or pretend not to recognize someone.
21 to stop The alcoholic was told to cut his drinking or risk serious liver damage .
22 colloq to absent oneself from something cut classes .
23 to switch off (an engine, etc).
24 cricket to hit (a ball) with a slicing action, causing it to spin or swerve.
25 said of a baby: to grow (teeth).
26 intr (usu cut across or through) to go off in a certain direction; to take a short route.
27 to dilute (eg an alcoholic drink) or adulterate (a drug) John cuts his whisky with ginger ale .
28 to divide; to partition a room cut in half by a bookcase .
1 an act of cutting; a cutting movement or stroke.
2 a slit, incision or injury made by cutting.
3 a reduction.
4 a deleted passage in a play, etc.
5 the stoppage of an electricity supply, etc.
6 slang one's share of the profits.
7 a piece of meat cut from an animal.
8 the style in which clothes or hair are cut.
9 a sarcastic remark.
10 a refusal to recognize someone; a snub.
11 a short cut.
12 a channel, passage or canal.
[13c in the form cutten ]
a cut above something colloq superior to it.
cut a deal chiefly N Am to make an agreement tried to cut a deal with the authorities .
cut a long story short to come straight to the point.
cut and dried decided; definite; settled beforehand.
cut and run colloq to escape smartly.
cut and thrust aggressive competition; quick verbal exchange or repartee.
cut both ways to have advantages and disadvantages; to bear out both sides of an argument.
cut someone dead to ignore them completely.
cut it fine colloq to have or leave barely enough time, space, etc for something.
cut it out slang to stop doing something bad or undesirable.
cut out for or to be something having the qualities needed for it.
cut someone short to silence them by interrupting.
cut something short to reduce or shorten it.
cut to the chase colloq to get to the point.
cut up colloq distressed; upset.
cut up rough colloq to get angry and violent.
half cut Brit slang drunk.
cut across something
1 to go against (normal procedure, etc).
2 said of an issue, etc: to be more important than, or transcend (the barriers or divisions between parties, etc).
3 to take a short cut through it, eg a field, etc.
cut back on something to reduce spending, etc. See also cutback.
cut down on something to reduce one's use of it; to do less of it.
cut in
1 to interrupt.
2 said of a vehicle: to overtake and squeeze in front of another vehicle.
cut someone off to disconnect them during a telephone call.
cut something off
1 to separate or isolate it.
2 to stop (the supply of gas, electricity, etc).
3 to stop it or cut it short. See also cut-off.
cut out
1 said of an engine, etc: to stop working.
2 said of an electrical device: to switch off or stop automatically, usually as a safety precaution. See also cut-out.
cut something out
1 to remove or delete it.
2 colloq to stop doing it.
3 to exclude it from consideration.
4 to block out the light or view. See also cut-out.
cut someone up said of the driver of a vehicle: to drive in front of (another vehicle) in a dangerous manner.

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