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Cushing's syndrome
noun , pathol a condition characterized by obesity, raised blood pressure, acne, osteoporosis and weakness, caused by the presence of excess amounts of corticosteroid hormones in the body.
[1932: named after the US surgeon Harvey Cushing (1869?1939) who first described it]

cushion pronunciación
1 a fabric case stuffed with soft material, used for making a seat comfortable, for kneeling on, etc.
2 a thick pad or something having a similar function.
3 something that gives protection from shock, reduces unpleasant effects, etc.
4 the resilient inner rim of a billiard table.
verb (cushioned , cushioning )
1 to reduce the unpleasant or violent effect of something.
2 to protect from shock, injury or the extremes of distress.
3 to provide or furnish with cushions.
[14c: from French cuissin , ultimately from Latin coxa hip]

Cushitic languages
noun a group of about 30 Afro-Asiatic languages, spoken by c.13m people in Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia, the most widely spoken being Oromo (or Gassa) and Somali.

adjective , slang highly satisfactory; excellent.
[Early 20c: possibly related to cushy]

cushy pronunciación
adjective (cushier , cushiest ) colloq comfortable; easy; undemanding.
[20c: from Hindi khush pleasant]
cushiness noun .

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